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Table. 4.

Difference of major agronomnic traits and seed taxifolin content depending on cultivated region in rice variety Superghongmi.

Cultivated region Transplanting date Heading date 1,000 grain weight (g) Ratio of fertility (%) Contents of taxifolin (mg/100g seed)
Yeoju May 30 Sep. 15 23.5±2.89bz 76.6±3.45b 32.72±5.32b
Sejeong May 30 Sep. 6 26.8±2.23a 83.4±4.14a 67.7±5.48a
Dangjin May 30 Sep. 6 26.5±3.14a 82.4±3.15a 63.4±4.32a
Kimje May 30 Sep. 7 27.3±2.89a 83.5±2.65a 65.4±5.11a
Jindo June 5 Sep. 9 27.8±3.16a 86.6±3.19a 68.3±3.39a

Values are means±standard deviation(n=3). Means in the same column not sharing a common superscript are significantly different at p<0.05.

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