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Table. 3.

Fruit characteristics of new cultivar ‘Gamnuri’ and ‘Sangju-Dungsi’ (control) persimmons. Values are means recorded from 2016 to 2017 in Gimhae.

Cultivar Persimmon type Skin color Fruit weight (g) Fruit shape General shape of fruit cross section Soluble solids (°Brix) Firmness (N/5mmø) Calyx-end cracking Marketable fruit (%)
Gamnuri PCAz Red Orange 370** Circular Irregular rounded 16.7** 15.8** Weak 93.0ns
Sangju-Dungsi PCA Orange 215 Circular Irregular rounded 20.2 23.0 Weak 94.0
PCA; pollination constant astringent

ns and indicate non-significant at p<0.05 and significant at p<0.01, by t-test, respectively (n=20)

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