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Table. 2.

Analysis of insect diversity in common plant dwelling non-target insect groups and arachnid captured using vacuum suction at fields planted with three different genotypes of rices at Gunwi, Korea.

Dominance (DI)0.23±0.04ay0.24±0.02a0.24±0.01a
Richness (RI)7.52±0.43a7.66±0.10a7.57±0.41a
Diversity (H’)3.10±0.19a3.08±0.07a3.09±0.07a
Evenness (EI)0.78±0.04a0.77±0.02a0.78±0.01a

Insect-resistant genetically modified rice.

The results shown are the mean±SD, n=3 replicates for each group, and Duncan’s Multiple Range Test at p<0.05 within three different genotypes.

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