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Table. 2.

Panicle-related traits of the varieties and selected rice lines with clustered spikelets and dense panicle at yield trial.

Variety/linePLz(cm)TNN (mm)NRNSDP (no./cm)NPrNSPrMNSPrNSrNSSrMNSSrSr/PrSSr/SPr
Binhae Col.#117.6d1.68b39b144c8.2c12b66b5.6bc27b78c2.7c2.2c1.1d

PL: panicle length, TNN: thickness of neck node, NR: number of rachis-branches per panicle, NS: number of spikelets per panicle, DP: density of spikelets in panicle, NPr: number of primary rachis-branch (PRB)es per panicle, NSPr: number of spikelets on PRBs per panicle, MNSPr: mean number of spikelets on a PRB, NSr: number of secondary rachis-branch (SRB)es per panicle, NSSr: number of spikelets on SRBs per panicle, MNSSr: mean number of spikelets on a SRB, Sr/Pr: ratio of SRBs to PRBs, SSr/SPr: ratio of spikelets on SRBs to spikelets on PRBs.

Means in each column followed by the same letter are not significantly different at 5% level according to Duncan’s multiple range test.

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