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Table. 2.

Panicle-related traits of the varieties and selected rice lines with clustered spikelets and dense panicle at yield trial.

Variety/line PLz(cm) TNN (mm) NR NS DP (no./cm) NPr NSPr MNSPr NSr NSSr MNSSr Sr/Pr SSr/SPr
Nampyeong 18.0dy 1.22c 25c 93d 5.2d 9d 50c 5.6bc 16c 43d 2.7c 1.7d 0.8d
Boramchan 19.5c 1.31c 26c 96d 4.9d 9d 49c 5.5bc 17c 47d 2.7c 1.9d 0.9d
Hanareum2 21.5b 1.73b 30c 114d 5.3d 10c 50c 5.1d 20c 64cd 3.1b 2.0c 1.2d
Binhae Col.#1 17.6d 1.68b 39b 144c 8.2c 12b 66b 5.6bc 27b 78c 2.7c 2.2c 1.1d
ARC10319 25.3a 1.75b 35b 134c 5.3d 10c 53c 5.3cd 25b 107b 3.1b 2.5b 1.5d
CD9 13.7e 1.82b 71a 277a 20.3a 13a 69b 5.4cd 58a 209a 3.6a 4.5a 3.0a
CD27 13.3e 1.87ab 66a 283a 21.5a 13a 82a 6.2a 53a 198a 3.7a 4.0a 2.2c
CD34 16.7d 2.11a 64a 259b 15.6b 12b 72b 5.9ab 52a 188a 3.6a 4.2a 2.6b
CD39 16.5d 1.79b 64a 252b 15.4b 12b 66b 5.3cd 52a 186a 3.5a 4.1a 2.8a
PL: panicle length, TNN: thickness of neck node, NR: number of rachis-branches per panicle, NS: number of spikelets per panicle, DP: density of spikelets in panicle, NPr: number of primary rachis-branch (PRB)es per panicle, NSPr: number of spikelets on PRBs per panicle, MNSPr: mean number of spikelets on a PRB, NSr: number of secondary rachis-branch (SRB)es per panicle, NSSr: number of spikelets on SRBs per panicle, MNSSr: mean number of spikelets on a SRB, Sr/Pr: ratio of SRBs to PRBs, SSr/SPr: ratio of spikelets on SRBs to spikelets on PRBs.
Means in each column followed by the same letter are not significantly different at 5% level according to Duncan’s multiple range test.
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