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Table. 5.

Frequency distribution of 100 seed weight in lentil, chickpea and guar germplasm.

CropzMean (g)Range (g)
Lentil (n=42)2.2±0.9by1.8–5.3

Chickpea (n=72)Desi (n=31)14.0±7.07.4–41.0
Intermediate (n=6)28.3±2.423.5–30.7
Kabuli (n=35)29.8±14.07.8–74.6

Guar (n=61)3.8±0.3c3.2–5.0

Control variety “Sinseondu” 100 seed weight : 60.0 g.

Mean separation within columns by Duncan’s multiple range test, p<0.05; ns, not Significant.

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