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Table. 7.

Correlation coefficient among quantitative traits in lentil.

CropDays to growth100 seed weightCrude proteinCrude oilCrude fiber
 100 seed weight0.431**z
 Crude protein0.360**0.185
 Crude oil0.1940.258**0.194
 Crude fiber0.000-0.367**-0.301**0.078
 Dietary fiber-0.062-0.248**-0.062-0.1080.475**

 100 seed weight0.350**
 Crude protein0.1230.079
 Crude oil0.307**0.604**0.307**
 Crude fiber-0.592**-0.658**-0.592**-0.637**
 Dietary fiber-0.561**-0.675**-0.561**-0.634**0.940**

 100 seed weight0.066
 Crude protein-0.0850.271**
 Crude oil-0.173-0.0370.093
 Crude fiber0.092-0.365**-0.141-0.181
 Dietary fiber0.235**-0.235**-0.140-0.326**-0.013

indicates significant at p=0.01.

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