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Table. 2.

Agronomic characteristics of ‘Arihyang’ for forcing cultivation.

VarietyPetiole length (cm)No. of leaves (ea/plant)1st flower cluster

No. of flowers (ea)Date of buddingDate of floweringDate of harvesting
Arihyang10.5ay5.4a10.5cOct. 21.zNov. 2.Dec. 13.
Seolhyang11.7a4.8ab18.4aOct. 21.Nov. 5.Dec. 11.
Maehyang13.6a4.3b14.5bOct. 29.Nov. 13.Dec. 16.

Date of transplanting is Sep. 20. 2016. Date of investigation is from Nov. to Dec. 2016.

Date of approximately 40% budding, flowering and harvesting among investigation block.

Means followed by the same letters in a column are not significantly different at p<0.05.

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