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Table. 2.

Agronomic Characteristics of cultivar ‘Heuksoojeongchal’ cultivated in Suwon, Chuncheon, Cheongwon, Iksan and Daegu regions from 2013 to 2014.

CultivarHeading date (Mon. Day)Maturity date (Mon. Day)Culm length (cm)Spike length (cm)No. of spike per m2No. of grains per spikeTest weight (g)1,000 grain weight (g)
HeuksoojeongchalApr.29June 389az5.0a543b54a622b36.0a
SeodunchalApr.26May 3182b4.4b666a50b642a34.0b

Different letters within a column indicate significant difference between cultivars (t-test, p<0.05)

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