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Table. 2.

Agronomic characteristics of ‘Nulichal’ cultivated in Iksan, Naju and Jinju regions from 2008 to 2010.

CultivarHeading date (Mon. Day)Maturity date (Mon. Day)Culm length (cm)Spike length (cm)No. of spike per m2No. of grains per spike1000-grain weight (g)Test weight (g)
NulichalApr.24May 3082±2.2*4.0±0.4774±18463±4.025.0±1.7*793±13.3
SaechassalApr.23May 2987±3.34.0±0.5623±9958±6.629.0±0.9763±39.9

Average±SD (standard deviation), (n=12)

The asterisk (*) stands for significant difference between the two cultivars at the 0.05 probability level by least square difference (LSD).

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