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Table. 3.

Winter hardiness, lodging resistance, and disease resistance of ‘Nulichal’tested in Yeoncheon, Iksan, Naju and Jinju regions from 2008 to 2010.

CultivarWinter killing ratez(%)Degree of lodging (0~9)wPowdery mildewyBaYMVx(0~9)

NormalHigh ridgeInfection typeIksan (III)Naju (I)Jinju (IV)

Data tested at Yeoncheon.

Disease induced natural infection at plastic house at Iksan during RYT.

Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus, Backdong was 7.

0: Resistence, 9: Susceptible.

The asterisk (**) stands for significant difference between the two cultivars at the 0.01 probability level by LSD.

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