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Table. 3.

Evaluation of silage quality for a corn-soybean mixed crop and corn monocrop on a dry basis.

Lines Silagex Moisture (%) Crude protein (%) NDF (%)z ADF (%)z TDN (%)z pH Lactic acid (%) Acetic acid (%)
IT023319 Corn-soybean 66.8ay 9.8a 37.2b 19.0c 73.9a 3.80ab 3.24b 0.78b
IT163450 70.3a 10.0a 41.1b 21.4abc 72.0abc 3.77abc 3.31ab 0.86b
IT167209 68.9a 10.3a 41.7ab 23.1ab 70.6bc 3.87a 3.33ab 0.74b
IT167282 70.5a 10.1a 41.7ab 22.1abc 71.4abc 3.83ab 3.63ab 0.87b
Chookdu 1 68.8a 9.8ab 38.5b 20.4bc 72.8ab 3.75bc 3.22b 0.81b
Chookdu 2 69.2a 9.5ab 40.6b 21.6abc 71.8abc 3.75bc 3.32ab 0.85b

Kwang-pyeongok Corn-monocrop 69.8a 8.2b 46.8a 24.2a 69.8c 3.67c 3.87a 1.22a

NDF; neutral detergent fiber, ADF; acid detergent fiber, TDN; total digestible nutrients.

Means with the same letter within a column for a given measurement are not significantly different as determined by Fisher’s least square difference (LSD, p=0.05).

Value of silage quality for a corn-soybean mixed crop were evaluated separately in soybean and corn

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