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Table. 1.

Fresh forage yield and yield contribution of corn and soybean in mixed cropping system and forage yield of soybean monocropping system.

Linesw Soybean R stage Fresh forage yield (t/ha) Yield indexy from mixed-cropping (%) Soybean forage yield from mono-cropping (t/ha)x

Soybean Corn Corn+Soybean
IT022260 5 4.8dz 42.6bc 47.4cd 104 24.0c
IT023035 5 6.9a-d 44.3bc 51.2a-d 113 18.6c
IT023102 5 4.3d 48.4a-c 52.7a-d 116 23.0c
IT023236 5 5.9cd 47.0a-c 52.9a-d 117 19.4c
IT023319 5 9.0a-c 53.6ab 62.6a 138 23.7c
IT024286 5 6.0b-d 44.4a-c 50.4b-d 111 23.1c
IT024324 5 4.6d 44.6a-c 49.3b-d 109 22.4c
IT163450 3 7.7a-d 51.1a-c 58.8a-c 130 24.5bc
IT165490 4 5.8cd 46.5a-c 52.4a-d 115 22.1c
IT167209 4 9.6ab 41.2c 50.8a-d 112 25.8ab
IT167282 5 10.2a 47.9a-c 58.1a-c 128 27.6a
Chookdu 1 4 4.9d 55.5a 60.3ab 133 21.3c
Chookdu 2 4 5.5cd 50.2a-c 55.8a-d 123 21.6c
Kwangpyeongok - 45.4a-c 45.4d 100 -

Mean 6.6 47.5v 54.0v 119v 22.6

Means with the same letter within a column for a given measurement are not significantly different as determined by Fisher’s least significant differences (LSD, p=0.05)

Yield index was calculated from follow formula: (yield from corn+soybean)×100/45.4 (yield from corn only)

Soybean forage for monocultures was harvested at the same day as the harvest of a corn-soybean mixed crop

Soybean germplasm are presented in IT number, Chookdu 1 and Chookdu 2 are soybean cultivars for silage with corn, Kwangpyeonok is a silage corn cultivar

Mean of 13 mixed crop plantings

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