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Table. 6.

Selected oat germplasm with useful characteristics in this study.

Traits   Characteristics   Selected accession number
Early maturityEarly matured (below 100 days)IT1551104, IT151106, IT151107, IT151108, IT166581, IT166582, IT166583
Stem heightShortest (below 50 cm)IT166576, IT166586
Longest (over 110 cm)IT128791, IT166568
Ear lengthShortest (below 10 cm)IT166576
Longest (over 35 cm)IT127402, IT129992
Outer glum colorBlackIT162928
β-glucanHigh contents (over 5.5%)IT129798, IT129802
Crude proteinHigh contents (over 22.0%)IT166597, IT166594
Crude lipidHigh contents (over 7.0%)IT166581, IT166584
Crude fiberHigh contents (over 2.5%)IT151108, IT166574
Dietary fiberHigh contents (over 13.0%)IT129798, IT128232, IT133645, IT128108
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