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Table. 5.

Gluten properties of 11 Korean wheat cultivars grown at different high temperature treatments after flowering using RP-HPLCz.

TreatmentsyProportion (%)Ratio

GluteninGliadinGliadin to HMW-GSGliadin to LMW-GSLMW-GS to HMW-GSX-type to Y-type

Control 49.9ax69.8a30.2a50.1a12.0a52.7a35.3a9.2a3.4a2.7a0.7a
14 DAF49.3a68.1a32.0a50.7a13.0a51.8a35.2a8.5a3.2a2.7a0.7a

HMW-GS, amount of high molecular weight glutenin subunits; X-Type, amount of x-type in HMW-GS; Y-Type, amount of y-type in HMW-GS; LMW-GS, low molecular weight glutenin subunits.

Wheat cultivars were treated according to the procedure in material and method. DAF = day after flowering.

Values followed by same letters within same characteristic are not significantly different at p<0.05.

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