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Table. 1.

Heading date, maturing date, growth period and characteristics of basic vegetation period of ‘Cheongpungchal’ and ‘Hwanggeumgijang’ at local adaptability test (LATx).

  Variety  Seeding date (mm.dd)Heading datey(mm.dd)Maturing date (mm.dd)Growth periodZ(days)Characteristic by basic vegetation period
Cheongpungchal6.08 8.03a9.18a102amedium
Hwanggeumgijang6.08 7.24b9.03b 87bmedium

Growth period indicates days grow seedlings to maturing

The same letters are not significantly different between varieties at the 5% probability level by DMRT

Local adaptability test was conducted in five regions of Korea for three years (’13~’15)

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