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Table. 5.

Oil and protein content and fatty acid composition in kernels of a peanut variety ‘Tamsil’.

Variety Proteiny (%) Oil (%) Fatty acid compositionz (%)

Pal. Ste. Ole. Lin. Ara. Eic. Beh.
Tamsil 28.8a 48.5b 8.0a 3.7a 53.2a 30.6a 1.5a 0.9b 2.1b
Daekwang 27.7b 51.1a 8.5a 3.4a 55.5a 26.8b 1.6a 1.2a 2.8a
Pal.; Palmitic acid, Ste.; Stearic acid, Ole.; Oleic acid, Lin.; Linoleic acid, Ara.; Arachidic acid, Eic.; Eicosenoic acid, Beh.; Behenic acid.

yWithin each column, means with the same letters are not significantly different at p<0.05.

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