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Fig. 3.

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Transgene inheritance in the progeny (T1) of transgenic maize plants. (A) and (B) The expression of phosphinothricin acetyltransferase gene in T1 GFP-bar and GUS-bar transgenic maize using PAT test strip, respectively. (C) Herbicide Basta resistance assay. The leaves were scored for herbicide resistance (alive or sensitive/dead) 7 days after herbicide application (upper panel). Transgenic T1 and non-transgenic control maize plants treated with the herbicide Basta (lower panel). (D) The confirmation of the presence of GUS, GFP, and bar genes using genomic PCR analysis. (E) Semi-quantitative RT-PCR to detect GFP, GUS, and bar gene expression in transgenic plants. Actin gene expression was used as a quantitative control. Lanes: M, molecular size marker; PC, positive control; Wt, non-transgenic wild-type; lanes 1-3, selected transgenic lines.

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