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Table. 2.

List of genetic variations on genic region of 140RS516 mutant line.

zChr. ReferenceAllele MutationAllele AnnotationType Gene ID Gene Description
1 TTTACTC T Intron Zm00001d027392 Callose synthase 9
1 G C Nonsynonymous Zm00001d028207 ATP synthase subunit gamma mitochondrial
1 T C Intron Zm00001d033237 Uncharacterised conserved protein
1 G T Nonsynonymous Zm00001d033304 Nucleotide binding protein
1 T G Intron Zm00001d034931 COP1-interacting protein-related
2 A G Intron Zm00001d003284 SWI/SNF complex subunit SWI3A
2 T C 5'-UTR Zm00001d005100 RNA binding (RRM/RBD/RNP motifs) family protein
2 A G 5'-UTR Zm00001d007444 Unknown
3 G C Synonymous Zm00001d039282 Serine/threonine-protein kinase AGC1-5
3 A T Nonsynonymous Zm00001d039282 Serine/threonine-protein kinase AGC1-5
3 C T Intron Zm00001d040104 Unknown
3 A G Intron Zm00001d042303 Beclin 1 protein 253B Beclin-1-like protein
4 C G Intron Zm00001d053561 Pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein mitochondrial
5 C T Intron Zm00001d013070 Transcription factor MYB98
5 C T 3'-UTR Zm00001d013073 Transcription factor bHLH7
6 A G Intron Zm00001d038365 Aldo-keto reductase family 4 member C9
6 T G Intron Zm00001d038650 Xylem bark cysteine peptidase 3
7 T TAC Intron Zm00001d018829 Protein YABBY
7 A T Intron Zm00001d019627 ABC transporter B family member 28
7 AC ACC Intron Zm00001d019915 CASP-like protein
7 C T Intron Zm00001d021070 Pyruvate dehydrogenase4
7 TGGGACG T 5'-UTR Zm00001d021810 Protein strubbelig-receptor family 1
8 G T Intron Zm00001d012363 Protein strictosidine synthase-like 11
10 T A Intron Zm00001d024234 Terpene synthase 23
10 T A Intron Zm00001d025679 Putative MYB DNA-binding domain superfamily protein
10 A C Intron Zm00001d025679 Putative MYB DNA-binding domain superfamily protein

zChr., Chromosome.

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