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Fig. 3.

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Effect of salt stress on morphological phenotype, stomatal conductance, and proline contents of KS140 and 140RS516. (A) Phenotypes were analyzed after 0.5% NaCl treatment. Plants were grown for 2 months on soil then treated 0.5% NaCl for 7 days and recovered for 2 days. Magnified images of the regions boxed in (A) are shown in a, b, c and d. Stomatal conductance (B) and proline contents (C) of KS140 and 140RS516. Data are means ±SD determined from three independent biological replicates. Asterisks denote statistical significance at p<0.05 (*) and p<0.01 (**) by Student’s t-test. Scale Bars: 10 cm.

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