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Table. 2.

QTLs for spike length using composite interval mapping in recombinant inbred wheat lines with long spike length.

QTL Chr. Left marker x2 Right marker x2 LODz PVE (%)y Additive effectx
qSL-1 2A Xcfd5 70.12***,w Xpsp3050 19.88*** 5.65 20.7 -1.03
qSL-2 5B Xwmc656 6.26* Xwmc415 16.71*** 5.14 40.8 -1.36

zThe logarithm of the odds.

yThe phenotypic variation explained.

xAdditive effect of allele substitution. The units are those of the corresponding traits. A positive sign indicated that the Keumkang allele increased the quantitative trait and vise-versa.

w, *, **, and *** significant at p≤0.05, p≤0.01, and p≤0.001 levels, respectively.

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