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Table. 3.

Spike length according to the genotype of Xcfd5, Xpsp3050, Xwmc415 and Xwmc656 in 29 Korean wheat cultivars.

Cultivar Genotypesz Spike Length (cm)

Xcfd5 Xpsp3050 Xwmc415 Xwmc656
Ol c a c a 7.5
Geuru a a a a 7.3
Dahong a a b a 6.8
Cheongye c a b a 7.4
Eunpa a a b b 8.6
Tapdong a b a b 7.5
Namhae a a c a 8.5
Uri a a a a 6.9
Olgeuru c a b a 9.1
Alchan a b a b 6.8
Gobun a a a a 8.1
Keumkang a a a a 7.4
Seodun c a b b 7.8
Saeol a a c b 7.1
Jinpoom b a b b 8.5
Milsung a a c a 7.2
Joeun a b a b 6.8
Anbaek b b b a 8.3
Jopoom c b a a 6.7
Shinmichal b a a a 7.9
Jonong a b a a 6.9
Jokyung a b c a 8.1
Younbaek a b a a 7.2
Shinmichal1 a a b b 7.9
Baekjoong c b a a 7.2
Jeokjoong a b a a 7.0
Sukang a b c a 7.5
Hanbaek c a b a 8.5
Suan b a c a 7.4

za and b genotypes represent homozygous to Keumkang and Taejoong, respectively. Genotype c means different type to a and b genotypes.

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