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Table. 2.

Change of browning index of Rehmannia glutinosa with steaming conditions.

Steaming Yields (%)

Jihwang 1 Kokang Togang Dagang
Raw 0.66±0.04 0.85±0.01 0.81±0.01 0.55±0.00
1st 0.74±0.01fBz 0.59±0.01eD 0.67±0.03dC 0.78±0.01deA
2nd 1.08±0.06deA 0.72±0.00dBC 0.69±0.01dC 0.77±0.05eB
3rd 1.01±0.04eA 0.78±0.01dC 0.79±0.01dC 0.88±0.01dB
4th 1.11±0.01dC 1.01±0.00cD 1.23±0.01cA 1.16±0.01cB
5th 1.15±0.02dC 1.24±0.00bB 1.42±0.01abA 1.10±0.07cC
6th 1.35±0.10cB 1.17±0.21bB 1.33±0.20acB 1.66±0.01aA
7th 1.34±0.09cAB 1.24±0.02bB 1.46±0.03aA 1.41±0.13bA
8th 1.64±0.01bB 1.74±0.03aA 1.33±0.01acD 1.41±0.04bC
9th 2.04±0.04aA 1.13±0.02bcD 1.31±0.00bcB 1.20±0.05cC

zMeans with same small letter on column (steaming times) except for raw condition and capital letter on line (4 cultivars) are not significantly different at p<0.05 by a Duncan’s multiple range test.

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