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Table. 4.

Putative candidates annotated within the QTL regions associated with AG tolerance on chromosome 2.

QTL name Locus Chr. Description Transcript evidence
qAG2.1 Os02g0202400z (LOC_Os02g10800)y 2 ADP-glucose transporter, Plastidic translocator, Starch synthesis during seed development (Os02t0202400-01)(mitochondrial carrier protein, putative, expressed) AK107368
Os02g0195600 (LOC_Os02g10200) 2 A20/AN1-type zinc finger protein, Regulation of plant growth and abiotic stress response, Modulation of gibberellins (GA) and abscisic acid (ABA) biosynthesis (zinc finger A20 and AN1 domain-containing stress-associated protein, putative, expressed) AK067403
qAG2.2 Os02g0146600 (LOC_Os02g05330.1) 2 Similar to Eukaryotic initiation factor 4A (eIF4A) (eIF-4A). (DEAD-box ATP-dependent RNA helicase, putative, expressed) AK073620

zOs ID: Rice Annotation Project Database (RAB DB) based on rice genome sequence IRGSP-1.0.

yLOC_Os ID: MSU Rice Genome Annotation Project Release 7.

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