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Table. 1.

Tree characteristics of ‘Chosi’ sweet persimmon in Yeongam area from 2008 to 2010.

Cultivar Tree vigor Tree form One-year-old shoot

Length Thickness Color of sunny side Number of lenticels Size of lenticels shape of lenticels
Chosi Medium Semi-spreading Long Thin Brown Medium Medium Elliptic
Nishimura wase Medium Semi-spreading Medium Medium Yellow brown Many Small Circular
Johongsi Medium Semi-spreading Medium Medium Brown Few Large Elliptic

Cultivar Full bloom date Leaf blade No. male flower Pollen amount (mg/100 flowers)

Shape Shape of apex Shape of base

Chosi May. 30 Ovate Acute Acute None -
Nishimurawase May. 27 Elliptic Acute Ovate Many 220
Johongsi May. 28 Ovate Acute Ovate Many 219
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