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Table. 2.

Fruit characteristics of ‘Chosi’ sweet persimmon in Yeongam area from 2008 to 2010.

Cultivar Maturity Fruit weight (g) Fruit shape Skin color Shape of apex in longitudinal section General shape of fruit cross section
Chosi Sep. 19 161 az Oblate Orange Rounded Irregular rounded
Nishimurawase Sep. 30 165 b Oblate Orange Rounded Irregular rounded
Johongsi Sep. 24 145 c Circular Red Orange Rounded Irregular rounded

Cultivar Soluble solids (°Bx) Firmness (kg/5mmø) Flesh juice Calyx-end cracking Stylar-end cracking Persimmon typey

Chosi 15.3 b 2.95 b Rich few few PVNA
Nishimurawase 14.7 c 3.48 a Medium Medium few PVNA
Johongsi 16.0 a 2.76 b Medium few few PVNA

zMean separation within columns by Duncan’s multiple range test at 5% level.

yPCNA: pollination constant non-astringent, PVNA: pollination variant non-astringent, PVA: pollination variant astringent, PCA: pollination constant astringent.

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