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Table. 5.

Reaction to fusarium wilt and root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) of ‘Hogammi’.

Variety Fusarium wilt Root-knot nematodey No. of egg mass per plant
Hogammi MRz MR 10.0
Yulmi S S (Susceptible check) 57.6
Juhwangmi - R (Resistant check) 0
Singeonmi R (Resistant check) - -
Sinjami MR (Moderately resistant check) - -
Borami S (Susceptible check) - -

zR: Resistance, MR: Moderate resistance, S: Susceptibility.

yResistance was determined by number of egg masses per plant. R: ≤10% of a susceptible cultivar (Yulmi), MR: 11~25%, S: >25%.

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