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Table. 2.

Underground parts of P. ginseng germinated from gamma-irradiated seeds: measurements at 120 days after sowing

Dose (Gy) 0 20 40 60 80
Root weight (g) 0.53±0.19az 0.48±0.18ab 0.40±0.15b 0.32±0.15c 0.29±0.11c
Root length (cm) 10.90±1.57ab 11.48±1.77a 10.81±1.92ab 9.90±2.36b 10.23±1.99b
Root diameter (mm) 4.24±0.86a 4.07±0.75a 3.61±0.73b 3.41±0.63b 3.25±0.61b

zValues represent the means±SE of triplicate independent experiments. Means with the same letter in a row were not significantly different by Duncan’s multiple comparison test (p≤0.05).

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