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Table. 1.

Agronomic characters of four Korean wheat varieties in 22-hour photoperiod.

Cultivar Days to heading Culm length (cm) Spike length (cm) No. of spikes/plant No. of grains/spike Fertility rate (%)
Baekkang 43.0±2.0cz 45.1±4.3c 5.6±0.5a 1.1±0.3a 12.5±2.4a 35.4±7.4a
Keumgang 86.0±1.0a 52.1±5.2b 4.9±0.4bc 1.0±0.0a 3.3±2.2b 4.0±5.2b
Jokyoung 43.5±0.5c 42.5±5.2c 5.1±0.6b 1.3±0.4a 11.9±5.1a 34.0±16.0a
Joongmo2008 74.5±1.5b 56.7±5.2a 4.8±0.4c 1.2±0.4a 3.5±0.7b 1.4±4.2b

zMeans for the same characteristics with different letters are significantly different from each other (p<0.05) according to the Duncan test. Results are expressed as means±SD (n=10). One way ANOVA was performed for each characteristics.

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