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Table. 3.

Chroma value of strorage root of ‘Danjami’.

Variety Chroma valuez

Skin Flesh

L* a* b* L* a* b*
Danjami 38.9±0.9ns 12.4±0.1* 6.5±0.8ns 34.1±0.7* 28.5±1.0* -8.6±0.8ns
Sinjami 40.2±1.4y 8.7±0.6 9.3±0.7 27.9±1.3 24.2±0.6 -6.6±0.4

zL, Lightness: black=0, white=100; a, redness to greenness: green=-80, red=+80; b, yellowness to blueness: blue=-80, yellowness=+80.

yMean±SE (n=3).

Not significant (ns) in the t-test, while * significant at p<0.05.

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