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Table. 1.

Plant, one-year old shoot, and leaf characteristics of ‘PR1’ and Tsukuba No.4 peach rootstock in Suwon (2010~2014).

Characteristicsz PR1 Tsukuba No.4
Vigor/Habit Strong/spreading Strong/spreading
Branching Medium Medium
One-year-old shoot
Length of internode Medium Medium
Pubescence Absent Absent
Anthocyanin coloration of apex Strong Very Strong
Size of vegetative bud Large Medium
Shape of apex of vegetative bud Obtuse Rounded
Anthocyanin coloration of young leaf Absent or weak Strong
Length/Width/Petiole length (cm) 10.6/2.7/0.6 10.4/2.5/1.1
Angle at apex Acute Acute
Shape of base Truncate Truncate
Color of upper side Medium green Reddish brown
Glossiness of upper side Medium Absent or weak
Length relative to petiole length Medium Long
Predominant number of nectaries Two Two
Position of nectaries On petiole On petiole
Nectary color/shape Violet/circular Yellow/reniform

zGuideline of Prunus rootstocks for the conduct of tests for distinctness, uniformity and stability (Korea Seed and Variety Service, 2014)

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