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Table. 4.

According to genotype of Md-ACS1, Md-ACO1, and Md-PG1, fresh fruit firmness at harvest, firmness after 20 days of room temperature (20~25℃) storage, difference between firmness at harvest and firmness after storage in 108 samples.

Genotypez Firmness (N)

Fresh fruit Storage fruit Difference in fresh and storage fruit
ACS1-1/1 71.6ay 32.7b 38.9a
ACS1-1/2 66.3a 36.3b 29.9a
ACS1-2/2 67.6a 48.7a 18.9b

ACO1-1/1 66.5a 41.2a 25.3a
ACO1-1/2 66.5a 41.8a 24.8a
ACO1-2/2 69.1a 34.6a 34.5a

PG1-1/1 69.0a 50.5a 18.6bc
PG1-2/2 62.9a 48.2a 14.8c
PG1-1/3 67.2a 31.9a 35.4a
PG1-2/3 67.8a 36.3a 31.5ab
PG1-3/3 68.9a 34.1a 34.9a

zGenotype means the allelic composition of Md-ACS1, Md-ACO1, and Md-PG1 by PCR analysis.

yMeans followed by the same letters within the column per parameter are not significantly different (p<0.05).

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