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Table. 1.

Characteristics of sprouting of storage roots of thirty-two sweetpotato varieties grown in vinyl greenhouse nursery.

Varietiesy Sprout appearance (DAP)z Date of sprouting (DAP)
Biomi 13.7±0.3abcy 16.0±0.0bcde
Borami 12.3±0.3bcdef 15.3±0.7cdefg
Daeyumi 13.0±0.6abcde 16.0±0.6bcde
Dahomi 10.7±0.3fghi 12.3±0.3kl
Danjami 11.3±0.3efg 12.7±0.3jhijkl
Geonhwangmi 11.0±0.0fgh 14.3±0.9fghi
Geonpungmi 11.7±0.9defg 16.0±0.6bcde
Gogeonmi 10.7±0.3fghi 13.3±0.3ijkl
Gunmi 13.0±0.0abcde 16.0±0.0bcde
Hayanmi 9.3±0.3hi 12.3±0.3kl
Healthymi 11.3±0.3efg 13.7±0.3hijk
Hogammi 13.0±0.6abcde 14.0±0.0ghij
Hongmi 13.7±0.3abc 16.3±0.7bcd
Jeonmi 13.3±1.2abcd 15.7±0.7bcdef
Jeungmi 12.0±0.0cdefg 14.7±0.3efghi
Jinhongmi 11.0±0.0fgh 12.7±0.3jkl
Jinmi 14.0±0.6ab 16.7±0.3bc
Jinyulmi 9.0±0.6i 10.7±0.7m
Juhwangmi 14.3±0.7a 16.7±0.7bc
Matnami 12.3±0.3bcdef 15.0±0.0defgh
Pungwonmi 13.7±1.3abc 17.0±0.0b
Saengmi 14.7±0.3a 19.0±0.0a
Shinyulmi 9.3±0.7hi 12.0±0.0lm
Singeonmi 10.3±0.3ghi 14.0±0.6ghij
Sinhwangmi 14.0±1.0ab 16.7±0.3bc
Sinjami 11.0±0.0fgh 14.0±0.7fghi
Yeonhwangmi 13.0±0.6abcde 15.0±0.0defgh
Yeonjami 10.7±0.7fghi 12.7±0.3jkl
Yeseumi 12.0±0.0cdefg 16.3±0.9bcd
Younmi 11.3±0.3efg 15.0±0.6defgh
Yulmi 12.0±0.0cdefg 14.3±0.7fghi
Zami 14.3±0.7a 18.7±0.3a

Mean 12.2 15.0
Range 9.0-14.3 10.7-19.0

Coefficient of correlation 0.9133

zDAP: Days after planting.

yMean±SE (n=3). Means with the same letter are not significantly different at p<0.05 according to Duncan’s Multiple Range Test.

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