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Table. 2.

Growth and reproduction of the foxglove aphid on different soybean resources.

Variety or Germplasm Days from Inoculation to Nymph (day) Days from Nymph to Progeny (day)z Number of the Aphid after release nymphy
Deapung 7.52ay 15.03a 15.43bx
Sowon 6.87a 14.50a 20.22a
IT188389 7.33a N/A 3.00c
IT104704 N/Aw N/A 0.00c
PI366121 N/A N/A 0.00c

zPeriod the time nymph reproduced the progeny.

yValue within a column followed by same letter are not significantly different at the 0.05% level by DMRT.

xNumber of the nymph on the fifth day after release nymph.

wNot available data due to the resistance.

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