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Table. 3.

Allelic combinations at 4 loci associated with grain properties among 41 Korean wheat cultivars over 4 years.

Allelic combinationz No. Cultivar Thousand kernels weight (g) Test weight (g) Grain

TaCWI-4A TaCWI-5D TaGW2-6A TaSus2-2B Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Roundness
Hap-4A-C Hap-5D-C Hap-6A-G Hap-L 1 56.0ay 787b 6.83a 3.73a 3.22a 1.71b
Hap-4A-T Hap-5D-C Hap-6A-G Hap-L 1 49.4ab 828a 6.99a 3.50ab 2.99ab 1.84b
Hap-4A-T/C Hap-5D-C Hap-6A-G Hap-L 3 47.1ab 811ab 6.93a 3.47ab 2.93b 1.90ab
Hap-4A-C Hap-5D-C Hap-6A-G Hap-H 1 45.4bc 815a 6.80a 3.28b 2.90b 1.85b
Hap-4A-C Hap-5D-C Hap-6A-A Hap-H 4 41.3bcd 812ab 6.50a 3.34b 2.88b 1.89ab
Hap-4A-T Hap-5D-C Hap-6A-G Hap-H 5 41.3bcd 819a 6.50a 3.35b 2.86b 1.82b
Hap-4A-T Hap-5D-C Hap-6A-A Hap-L 3 39.8bcd 812ab 6.46a 3.29b 2.84b 1.87b
Hap-4A-T Hap-5D-C Hap-6A-A Hap-H 20 39.2bcd 826a 6.36a 3.29b 2.78b 1.84b
Hap-4A-C Hap-5D-G Hap-6A-A Hap-H 2 36.7cd 801ab 6.20a 3.40b 2.87b 1.73b
Hap-4A-T/C Hap-5D-C Hap-6A-A Hap-H 1 33.3d 805ab 6.64a 2.97c 2.47c 2.06a

zTKW phenotype high allelic is underlined.

yValues followed by the same letters within same are not significantly different at p<0.05.

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