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Table. 4.

Mixolab parameters of Korean wheat cultivars, imported wheat and commercial imported wheat flours.

Flour Mixolab parametersz

Primary parameters Secondary parameters (Nm/min)

WA (%) DDT (min) STB (min) C2 (Nm) C3 (Nm) C4 (Nm) C5 (Nm) α β γ δ
2018 56.8ax 3.9a 8.9a 0.48a 1.87a 1.47a 2.83b -0.09a 0.30a -0.12a 1.36a
2019 55.1a 1.8b 6.7c 0.48a 1.98a 1.71a 3.10a -0.09a 0.38a -0.10a 1.39a
Korean wheat cultivar
Baekkang 54.7b 1.1c 6.7c 0.48b 2.02abc 1.64ab 3.12ab -0.09b 0.33b -0.10b 1.49a
Hwanggeum 53.5b 1.1c 7.3bc 0.42c 1.90bcd 1.67ab 2.94bc -0.10b 0.43a -0.08b 1.27bc
Jokyung 54.1b 3.9ab 7.3bc 0.49b 2.14a 1.77a 3.29a -0.10b 0.33b -0.12c 1.51a
Joongmo2008 58.9a 3.8ab 9.4abc 0.53a 1.78d 1.49bc 2.87c -0.06a 0.46a -0.02a 1.38ab
Keumkang 58.5a 4.4a 8.4abc 0.49b 1.80d 1.37c 2.60d -0.10b 0.16c -0.25c 1.24cd
Imported wheat floury
T55 53.9b 1.4bc 9.9ab 0.54a 1.86cd 1.65ab 3.16ab -0.09b 0.43a -0.07b 1.51a
HRW 58.6a 6.2a 10.6a 0.49b 2.04ab 1.45bc 2.58d -0.09b 0.28b -0.09b 1.13d

zWA = water absorption, the amount of water required in dough development; DDT = dough development time; STB = stability, time of dough stability at constant temperature; C2 = protein strength; C3 = starch gelatinization; C4 = starch gel stability; C5 = starch retrogradation in the cooling phase; α = protein network weakening rate; β = starch gelatinization rate; γ = cooking stability rate; δ = cooling setback range.

yT55 = French wheat flour obtained from Sunin Co; HRW= hard red winter wheat obtained from Sajo-Dongaone Co.

xValues followed by same letters within same charac teristic are not significantly different at p<0.05

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