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Table. 5.

Characteristics of sourdough breads, campanue and baguette, baked from Korean bread wheats, imported and commercial imported wheat flours.

Flour Campagne Baguette

Loaf volume (mL) Weight (g) Specific volume (mL/g) Crumb firmness (N) Loaf volume (mL) Weight (g) Specific volume (mL/g) Crumb firmness (N)
2018 569ay 244a 2.3a 4.8b 388a 186a 2.1a 9.9b
2019 548b 244a 2.2b 6.3a 363b 183a 2.0a 13.9a
Korean wheat cultivar
Baekkang 550b 245b 2.3b 6.5a 369ab 184bc 2.0ab 12.1abc
Hwanggeum 552b 242b 2.3b 5.8a 366b 182c 2.0ab 15.4a
Jokyung 546b 243b 2.3b 6.1a 387ab 184bc 2.1a 11.3bc
Joongmo2008 602a 243b 2.5a 4.0c 393a 185b 2.1a 8.9cd
Keumkang 543b 245ab 2.2b 5.6ab 364b 182bc 2.0ab 11.8bc
Imported wheat flourz
T55 597a 244b 2.5a 4.5c 354c 185b 1.9b 13.8ab
HRW 601a 248a 2.4a 4.7bc 393a 195a 2.0ab 7.4d

zT55 = rarine francaise French wheat flour obtained from Sunin Co; HRW= hard red winter wheat obtained from Sajo-Dongaone.

yValues followed by same letters within same characteristic are not significantly different at p<0.05

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