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Table. 2.

Physicochemical properties from five Korean wheats and imported wheatsz.

Flour Ash (%) WI PSI (μm) DS (%) Protein (%) SDSS (mL) DG (%)
2018 0.46ax 86.1a 81.8a 5.9a 12.3a 56.1a 9.9a
2019 0.45a 86.5a 79.0b 5.5b 11.3a 50.5a 8.0a
Korean wheat cultivar
Baekkang 0.45bc 86.4ab 81.7bc 6.3b 9.9c 46.8bc 6.4d
Hwanggeum 0.44c 85.1d 76.0d 6.0b 9.1c 36.5d 6.1d
Jokyung 0.46bc 86.9a 80.3c 6.2b 9.9c 49.0b 6.6d
Joongmo2008 0.46bc 86.7a 79.9c 4.7d 16.7a 71.0a 14.3a
Keumkang 0.47b 86.5ab 84.3b 5.2c 13.6b 63.3a 11.5b
Imported wheat floury
T55 0.54a 85.9c 92.9a 6.3b 10.2c 39.5cd 7.6cd
HRW 0.46bc 86.0bc 82.4bc 7.2a 12.8b 62.0a 9.0c

zWI = whiteness index of flour; PSI = average particle size of flour; DS = damaged starch; SDSS = SDS-sedimentation volume; DG = Dry gluten.

yT55 = French wheat flour obtained from Sunin Co.; HRW= hard red winter wheat obtained from Sajo-Dongaone Co.

xValues followed by same letters within same characteristic are not significantly different at p<0.05.

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