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Table. 3.

Gluten properties of Korean wheat cultivars, imported wheat and commercial imported wheat flours.

Flour Proportion (%) Ratio

Gluteninz Gliadin HMW-GS/ LMW-GS X-type/ Y-type α+ß/γ α+ß/ω γ/ω


Total X-type Y-type
2018 50.9ax 72.1a 27.6a 49.1a 48.6a 35.5cd 15.9a 1.1a 2.8a 1.5a 3.4a 2.7a
2019 49.2a 71.7a 28.4a 50.8a 51.4a 35.9cd 12.8a 1.0a 2.7a 1.9a 4.7a 3.3a
Korean wheat cultivar
Baekkang 53.3a 72.6c 26.6d 46.7c 54.7a 31.7cde 13.6ab 1.1a 2.7c 2.6a 5.3ab 2.6cd
Hwanggeum 48.5b 79.3a 20.7f 51.5b 41.3c 49.9a 8.8b 1.0a 3.8a 0.8ab 4.7ab 5.7a
Jokyung 55.8a 73.0c 27.0d 44.2c 44.6bc 39.5bc 15.9a 1.3a 2.7c 1.2ab 3.3b 3.1bcd
Joongmo2008 44.2c 64.0f 36.1a 55.8a 56.7a 27.0e 16.3a 0.8cd 1.8f 2.1ab 3.5b 1.7d
Keumkang 48.4b 70.5d 29.4c 51.6b 52.7ab 30.4de 17.0a 0.9bc 2.4d 1.8ab 3.4b 2.0d
Imported wheat floury
T55 41.3c 67.6e 32.4b 58.7a 42.1c 46.4ab 11.6ab 0.7d 2.1e 0.9b 3.6b 4.0bc
HRW 48.1b 76.0b 24.0e 51.9b 54.0a 37.3cd 8.7b 0.9bc 3.2b 1.5ab 6.2a 4.3ab

zHMW-GS = amount of high molecular weight glutenin subunits; X-type = amount of x-type in HMW-GS; Y-Type = amount of y-type in HMW-GS; LMW-GS = low molecular weight glutenin subunits.

yT55 = French wheat flour obtained from Sunin Co.; HRW= hard red winter wheat obtained from Sajo-Dongaone Co.

xValues followed by same letters within same characteristic are not significantly different at p<0.05.

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