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Table. 3.

Seed quality-related characteristics of ‘Taecheong’ evaluated from 2014 to 2016.

Cultivar Crude Protein (%) Crude Oil (%) Hard seed ratio (%) Ratio of water absorption (%) Sugar content (mg/g) Anthocyanin content (㎍ /g)

2hr 6hr 12hr Sucrose Total
Taecheong 44.6az 17.8a 0.0a 163a 210a 233a 58a 113a 29,874a
Cheongja3 42.1a 16.9a 0.0a 164a 207a 227a 59a 119a 25,458a

zsame letters were not significantly different between ‘Taecheong’ and ‘Cheongja3’ by student t-test at 0.05.

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