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Table. 1.

Mean values of quantitative characteristics of ‘Taecheong’ in the regional yield trial from 2014 to 2016.

Cultivar Flowering Date (Month. Day) Maturity Date (Month. Day) Height (cm) No. of nodes No. of branches No. of pods First pod height (cm) 100-seed weight (g) Lodging at field (1-9)z Shattering

Normal culture Dense culture Field (1-9)z Ratio by Oven test (%)y
Taecheong 8.3 10.20 69ax 15a 3.4a 38a 15a 44.5a 2 2 2 47.0
Cheongja3 8.1 10.17 72a 15a 3.8a 40a 14a 35.8b 2 3 4 78.0

z(1) Tolerant ~ (9) Susceptible.

ythe ratio of shattered pod by dry oven test at 40℃ for 48hr.

xsame letters were not significantly different between ‘Taecheong’ and ‘Cheongja3’ by student t-test at 0.05.

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