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Table. 2.

The resistance of ‘Taecheong’ to the diseases of soybean evaluated from 2014 to 2016.

Cultivar Bacterial Pustule (0-9)z Soybean Mosaic Virusy Root rot (%)x

Field Inoculation Inoculation Field(0-9)z

G5 G6H G7H
Taecheong 1 7 L /M L /- V /M 5 1.5
Cheongja3 1 5 N /M L /M L /M 3 1.7

z(0) Tolerant~(9) Susceptible.

yReaction of inoculated leaf/upper leaves, (-) No symptom, (L) Local reaction, (M) Mosaic, (V) Vein necrosis, (N) Necrosis

xRoot rot and damaged seed that were naturally infected in the field were estimated.

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