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Table. 3.

Winter hardiness, lodging tolerance and BaYMV resistance of cultivar ‘Hohyang’ tested in Yeoncheon, Suwon, Chuncheon, Cheongju, Iksan (jeonju), Daegu, Naju and Jinju regions from 2014 to 2016.

Cultivar Winter withering ratez (%) Lodging (0~9) Powdery mildewy BaYMVx (0~9)

Normal High ridge Infection type Naju (Ⅰ) Iksan (Ⅲ) Jinju (Ⅳ)
Hohyang 13.5aw 84.4a 2 Susceptible 0 1 0
Olbori 35.0a 66.7a 3 Susceptible 0 3 0

zData tested at Yeoncheon. yDisease incidence induced natural infection at plastic house at Iksan (Jeonju) for three years. xInvestigation at viral infested field for three years (0: Resistance, 9: Susceptible). BaYMV means viral disease by Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.

wDifferent letters within a column indicate significant difference between cultivars (t-test, p<0.05)

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