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Table. 4.

Resistance level to major viruses and some diseases of ‘Gangseon’.

Variety Virusz Common scab resistance Late blight resistancez

PVX PVY PLRV Incidence ratex (%) Incidence indexy Resistancez True Field
Gangseon R S R 61.9 1.8 S R R
Dejima M M R 74.2 2.2 S S S

zR: resistant, M: moderate, S: susceptible

yIncidence index: 0, No lesion; 1, lesion area is below 5%; 2, lesion area 5~10%; 3, lesion area 10~20%; 4, lesion area is above 20%

xIncidence rate = No. of contaminated tubers /No. of total tubers investigated×100

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