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Table. 6.

Grain yield and trimming loss according to milling process time of ‘Jangsuheukchal’ compared with ‘Mibaek2’ from 2017 to 2018 in Hwaseong.

Cultivars 100-grains weight (g) Grain yieldz (kg/ha) Grain yieldy (kg/ha) Trimming lossx (%)

10 minute 15 minute 20 minute 25 minute
Jangsuheukchal 19.8bw 5,600b 1,060a 20.9a 38.8a 46.8a 47.4a
Mibaek2 24.8a 6,380a 100b 1.8b 13.2b 20.2b 40.0b

zYield of grain harvest per ha.

ygrain yield except for harvested ears for fresh ears.

xTrimming loss according to milling process time.

wHybrids with same letter in a row are not significantly different at the 0.05 probability level.

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