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Table. 8.

Palatability characteristics of cooking properties by time of milled kernel.

Cultivars Milling process time (minute) Appearance Hardness Viscosity Balance Palatability
Jangsuheukchal 10 3.98±0.18zcy 9.22±0.12a 3.47±0.09c 2.48±0.16d 45.50±1.56c
15 4.27±0.15ab 8.88±0.25b 3.80±0.17b 2.87±0.14c 48.00±1.63b
20 4.47±0.21a 8.50±0.18bc 4.03±0.15ab 3.33±0.19b 50.50±1.73ab
25 4.73±0.15a 8.25±0.17c 4.40±0.18a 3.75±0.15a 52.83±1.23a

Mibaek2 10 1.25±0.12c 9.70±0.14a 2.10±0.15c 0.87±0.12c 34.50±1.14b
15 1.48±0.09b 9.40±0.22b 2.52±0.13b 1.18±0.13b 36.83±1.22b
20 1.87±0.15a 9.37±0.21b 3.00±0.09a 1.68±0.15a 39.67±1.59a
25 2.00±0.13a 9.35±0.12b 2.70±0.11b 1.58±0.11a 39.17±2.01a

zEach value is mean±standard deviation (n=3).

yHybrids with same letter in a row are not significantly different at the 0.05 probability level.

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