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Table. 7.

Hardness and color properties of rice noodles before cooking.

Variety Hardnessz (g) Colory

L*(D65) a*(D65) b*(D65)
Hangaru 186.5±61.8b,x 58.0b 5.0a 33.8a
Shingil 221.3±84.1a 54.2c 2.9b 29.3b
CK (Wheat) 110.6±8.5c 73.4a 0.5c 30.1b

zTexture analyzer (Zwick/Roell).

ySpectrophotometer (Konica Milolta, CM 3500d, japan): L* for the lightness from black (0) to white (100), a* from green (−) to red (+), and b* from blue (−) to yellow (+).

xSignificant difference between varieties at the 5% probability level by DMRT.

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