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Table. 8.

Physiochemical properties of rice noodles before cooking.

Variety Amylose (%) Amylogram (RVA)z

Peak 1 Trough 1 Break- down Final Visc Set- back Peak Time
Hangaru 18.7c,y 50.4a 50.9a -0.5a 84.3a 33.9a 7.0a
Shingil 20.8b 35.3c 35.6c -0.3a 61.9c 26.6b 7.0a
CK (Wheat) 22.1a 44.8b 45.1b -0.3a 78.7b 33.9a 7.0a

zRapid visco analyzer (RVA Newport Sci, Australia), profile AACC 2000a.

ySignificant difference between varieties at the 5% probability level by DMRT.

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