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Table. 6.

Pasting properties of varieties by cultivation time.

Cultivation time Variety Pasting temperature (℃) Peak viscosity (RVU) Trough viscosity (RVU) Final viscosity (RVU) Break down (RVU) Setback (RVU)
Early Jopyeong 77.2az 269b 155ab 236ab 114b -33a
Odae 76.3b 266b 153b 228ab 113b -38a
Unkwang 77.2a 263b 149b 223bc 114b -40a
Haedamssal 75.8b 267b 130c 194d 137a -73b
Jinkwang 77.4a 295a 147b 212c 148a -83b
Haedeul 76.9a 274b 166a 238a 108b -36a
Mean 76.8Ay 272A 150A 222A 122A -50C
C.V.(%) 0.9 5.4 9.6 8.4 14.7 48.0
Ordinary Jopyeong 77.0a 258b 148ab 229b 110c -29a
Odae 75.8c 252b 140b 219bc 112c -33a
Unkwang 76.2bc 252b 143b 219bc 108c -33a
Haedamssal 74.8d 254b 128b 198d 127b -57b
Jinkwang 76.4b 282a 143b 212cd 140a -70c
Haedeul 76.0bc 270ab 163a 243a 107c -27a
Mean 76.0B 261B 144A 220A 117A -41B
C.V.(%) 1.0 6.6 12.6 8.2 12.0 44.2
Late Jopyeong 71.8a 170ab 104ab 182ab 66ab 12ab
Odae 70.5ab 156b 99b 178ab 58b 22a
Unkwang 70.8ab 168ab 104ab 187ab 64ab 19a
Haedamssal 68.6b 167ab 94b 170b 73ab 3bc
Jinkwang 71.2a 200a 122a 200a 78a 0c
Haedeul 70.3ab 184ab 115ab 198ab 69ab 14ab
Mean 70.5C 174C 106B 186B 68B 12A
C.V.(%) 2.8 16.8 17.8 12.4 19.3 95.3

Total 74.5 236 133 209 103 -27
C.V.(%) 4.1 20.7 19.5 12.4 28.1 124.1

zMeans with same letters in a column are not significantly different at p<0.05 (ANOVA followed by DMRT)

yCapital letters indicate statistics different among cultivation times

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