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Table. 3.

Quality-related traits of varieties by cultivation times.

Cultivation time Variety Head rice (%) Chalky rice (%) Damaged rice (%) Broken rice (%) Colored rice (%) Protein content (%) Amylose content (%) Glossiness
Early Jopyeong 76.1az 8.2b 3.8b 11.3a 0.6a 6.1a 19.8ab 71.8a
Odae 68.3b 13.3a 2.2c 15.1a 1.2a 6.2a 21.2a 70.9a
Unkwang 75.2a 6.6b 5.5a 11.7a 0.9a 5.9a 19.8ab 70.3a
Haedamssal 79.2a 6.2b 3.4bc 9.3a 1.9a 5.8a 20.1ab 75.6a
Jinkwang 77.2a 5.5b 2.9bc 13.5a 0.9a 5.8a 19.6ab 75.3a
Haedeul 78.4a 7.1b 2.6bc 10.6a 1.3a 6.2a 18.8b 75.3a
Mean 75.7By 7.8A 3.4A 11.9A 1.1B 6.0B 19.9A 73.2C
C.V.(%) 13.9 51.2 40.8 58.8 103.6 5.5 7.8 9.6
Ordinary Jopyeong 87.9abc 1.6b 3.1a 6.8b 0.6a 6.7a 17.5a 75.4a
Odae 84.2c 4.9a 1.7a 8.7a 0.6a 6.8a 18.1a 73.2a
Unkwang 85.9bc 2.8ab 3.2a 7.5b 0.6a 6.5a 17.2a 75.3a
Haedamssal 90.1ab 2.4b 2.4a 4.5d 0.5a 6.3a 17.9a 80.8a
Jinkwang 88.9ab 3.8ab 1.4a 5.7c 0.3a 6.4a 17.4a 79.7a
Haedeul 90.9a 2.7ab 2a 4.2d 0.3a 6.8a 16.7a 75.5a
Mean 88.0A 3.0B 2.3B 6.2B 0.5C 6.6A 17.5B 76.7B
C.V.(%) 4.4 66.6 73.2 29.6 78.0 7.8 8.8 8.3
Late Jopyeong 89.7ab 4.2a 1.2a 4.1b 0.9a 7.0ab 17.3ab 78.1c
Odae 84.6c 6.2a 0.8bc 6.0a 2.4a 7.1a 17.6ab 80.2c
Unkwang 91.1a 2.1a 0.9ab 3.9b 2a 6.5cd 16.9b 84.6b
Haedamssal 87.4bc 5.6a 0.6bc 3.9b 2.6a 6.3d 18.3a 89.7a
Jinkwang 92.3a 3a 0.5c 3.1bc 1.2a 6.6bcd 17.1ab 88.5a
Haedeul 92.2a 3.5a 0.6bc 2.4c 1.5a 6.8abc 17.2ab 88.5a
Mean 89.5A 4.1B 0.8C 3.9C 1.8A 6.7A 17.4B 84.9A
C.V.(%) 4.1 97.5 48.0 38.7 98.3 5.8 6.2 5.6

Total 84.4 5.0 2.2 7.4 1.1 6.4 18.2 78.3
C.V.(%) 10.9 80.5 77.7 73.9 117.0 8.1 9.9 10.0

zMeans with same letters in a column are not significantly different at p<0.05 (ANOVA followed by DMRT)

yCapital letters indicate statistics different among cultivation times

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