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Table. 2.

Classification of wind tolerant rice varieties bred at Yeongdeok substation by K-means clustering analysis using representative traits evaluated at the wind tolerance screening facility and wind prone areas.

Cluster n Varietyz Wind tolerance screening facility Wind prone area

White panicle (%) Ratio of ripened grain at treatment (%) Ratio of ripened grain (%) Yield (kg/10a)
YC1 6 DoB, HPC, NaP, PM, YD, YH 35.4ay 47.4b 78.5a 495b
YC2 6 CB, DaB, DH, HP, SD, SiB 15.7b 62.7a 76.2a 554a
YC3 8 DB, DHJM, HORM, JB, SaB, SCB, WH, YB 39.9a 41.5b 77.4a 563a

Total 20 31.3 49.6 77.3 540
C.V. (%) 42.5 22.6 4.6 6.5

zCB: Chilbo, DaB: Dabo, DB: Daebo, DH: Donghae, DHJM: Donghaejinmi, DoB: Dongbo, HORM: Haeoreumi, HP: Haepyeong, HPC: Haepyeongchal, JB: Jinbo, NaP: Naepung, PM: Pungmi, SaB: Sangbo, SCB: Saechilbo, SD: Samdeog, SiB: Sinbo, WH: Weonhwang, YB: Youngbo, YD: Yeongdeog, YH: Yeonghae

yMeans with same letters in a column are not significantly different at p<0.05 (ANOVA followed by DMRT)

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